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Parent tester Naomi, who tested Hygge Sheets® with their 6 year old said...

"I am amazed by the absorbency, it is super absorbent for a product which is not very thick. My son felt comfortable sleeping on the mat, saying it made him feel cosy. The dinosaur print was a huge hit and encouraged him to wake up because he did not want the mat getting wet."

Hello from me...

Hi I'm Catherine! And I'm glad you've popped along to visit us. I'm a mum of 2 girls, now 5 & 7.

When my eldest daughter was 5 I searched high and low for a kids mattress protector to support her coming out of nappies at night. I struggled to find what I was looking for, and so - Hygge Sheets was born.

I also felt that as a mum, no-one talked about this stage of 'potty training' and so I aim to open up this conversation more to help others.

Real People. Real Stories
Real People. Real Stories
This has been a lifesaver for us. The designs are fab and its so easy to change at night.
— Nicole Mum of 3
Saved our mattress
Real People. Real Stories
What a fab product. Takes all the worry out of letting your child go nappy free at night.
— Sarah Mum of 1
A must have for kids!
Real People. Real Stories
I used to dread the nights my daughter has an accident but now it’s so much easier and quicker to sort the bed and get back to my own!
— Emma Mum of 2
Speedy bed changes!
Real People. Real Stories
Love how easy this is to whip off and shove in the wash if we have any accidents during the night.
— Kerri Mum of 3
Perfect for the job

When to start Night Time Potty Training?

If you've successfully ticked off potty training in the day, you're probably now wondering when you should ditch the night time nappies? We have wealth of information to get you started in order to help you understand how your child's body works - from their hormones and bladder to the development of their nervous system.

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