Children's Waterproof Mattress Protector for Night Time Potty Training & Bedwetting - Unicorn

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  • SUPER ABSORBENT - Hygge sheets bed mats for kids have 4 layers of protection, which ensure that your mattress remains 100% dry and protected against night time accidents. The bed pad is 86cm x 91cm (plus tucks). Fits all single, toddler and cot beds. Not suitable for under 2 year olds
  • SOFT QUILTED FABRIC - The superior quality top layer has been designed from the softest material for the comfort of your child. All our sheets are certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO‐TEX.
  • DOESN'T MOVE IN THE NIGHT - Many bed wetting sheets leak as they don't have tucks which hold the mattress protector in place. And let's face it - kids can be wriggly at night. Our side tucks wrap around either side of the mattress ensuring it doesn't move.
  • LIFESAVER FOR NIGHT TIME POTTY TRAINING - Super simple to take off and change in the night, even when you're half asleep. Simply pop into the washing machine in the morning while avoiding the hassle of cleaning the whole mattress during the night.

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