Why choose Hygge Sheets® Incontinence Sheets for Beds

Why we believe Hygge Sheets® Bamboo is the Best Incontinence Bedding...

Unlike regular bedwetting sheets, our Bamboo Hygge Sheets® have 5 layers of protection. It has an added 'soaker' layer to make it more absorbent as well as Bamboo top layer which provides a luxury feel. Bamboo not only provides that extra comfort but the material used is exceptional at controlling body temperature so you won't get too hot in the night.

Why not to use disposable bed sheets for Incontinence?

Disposable bed sheets can be very costly and also not great for the environment. Making a swap to reusable is not only better for the environment but can also save you money too! Our Bamboo incontinence bed sheets washable on the other hand can be popped into the washer and dried easily. They can be used up to 300 times!

Don't comprimise on the quality...

Just because someone suffers with bedwetting, does not mean that you need to compromise on the quality. Try out our 100% waterproof Incontinence Sheets for beds which offers a Bamboo top layer to sleep directly on top of which means you can quicky change in the night.