We have put together a list of places / people that we know are super helpful when it comes to bedwetting and night time potty training. We wanted to put this list of people together to make it easier for you to access the help you need. Its not always easy to get the right help or know the best route to go down and sometimes going down an NHS route can be lengthy and not always right for many -  although of course this is still an option. 


Visit - Eric Charity

ERIC are the national charity dedicated to improving children’s bowel and bladder health. Our mission is to reduce the impact of continence problems on children and their families.

Visit - ClearSteps Consultancy

Clear Steps Consultancy have over twenty-five years qualified experience, they understand what it means to take the first steps in seeking and needing help, advice and further information. They support individual children or young people from around the world, with and without a diagnosis, to enable families, carers, nurseries, schools, charities, organisations and professionals to access proven, focused, research, with experience and quality, help, care, training and support.

Visit - Little Life Steps

Sue Welby, often known as “Super Sue” or “the wee and poo lady.” She supports parents to understand and help their children to conquer toileting, sleep, and behaviour challenges. These three stressful aspects, which are often linked, may have you feeling helpless. But you are not a failure.

Our Instagram page offers honest and open communication about night time potty training and bedwetting. Please DM us if you need help and we are always here to help.