"It's ok" said bed

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Join Mia and Jack on their journey towards dry nights in this heartwarming children's book about nighttime potty training, created in collaboration with ERIC, The U.K. Children's Bowel & Bladder Charity. Meet their beloved bed, who reminds them that accidents happen, but that they can work together to manage them.

With charming illustrations and a reassuring message, this book is perfect for parents and children navigating the challenges of night time potty training.

Why buy this nighttime potty training book?

  • Helps children feel less alone and more empowered in managing the transition away from nighttime pullups
  • Teaches important skills for nighttime self-care and independence
  • Provides reassurance and encouragement for both children and parents
  • Collaboratively developed by a team of experts in child development, healthcare, and parenting
  • A must-have addition to any child's bookshelf or potty training toolkit
  • Ideal for children aged 3-6, but can also be helpful for older children who still struggle with bedwetting.
  • Designed to spark conversations between children and parents/caregivers about nighttime routines and self-care habits.
  • Offers a positive and non-judgmental approach to potty training, with a focus on progress and teamwork rather than shame or punishment.
  • Can be used in conjunction with other potty training resources, such as reward charts, alarms, or behavior modification techniques.
  • Tested and approved by children, parents, and healthcare professionals alike.
  • Makes a thoughtful and practical gift for parents, grandparents, educators, or anyone who works with young children.

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