Daytime & Night time Potty - are they linked?

You might have noticed there is a wealth of information out there about daytime potty training and this milestone is often talked about extensively between parents and online.

However the final step of potty training is often overlooked - leaving parents wondering... how and when we should ditch the night time nappies or pull-ups at night. The lack of understanding and education around this topic can sometimes can lead to confusion and some stress for parents.

To help out, I have compiled some useful information below which I'm hoping will not only help but will also put your mind at ease. 

When should you start night time potty training?

The first thing to remember is that daytime dryness and night time dryness are not linked and staying dry at night may not happen until months or even years after your child is dry through the day. 

This means it's difficult to give a specific age in which a child might become dry at night as it’s totally dependent on your child. Your child and another child who is exactly the same age who potty trained in the day at the same time -  may become dry at night at totally different times which could be years apart. If this is the case - please don't worry.

Training or Hormones?

I speak to parents all the time who have had 1 of their children who became dry at night straight after daytime potty training happened but with their other child they waited 2 years for them to become dry at night. This shows....all children are different and their bodies develop at different paces. Being dry at night is linked to the size of a child's bladder, the production of the Vassapresin hormone that reduces all the production of urine made during the night, a child being able to send that all important signal to the brain to wake them up which are all factors linked to the development of their nervous system. Whilst much of this is about waiting for the child to be ready - there are other things that may need to be addressed, such as as constipation, how near to bedtime the child is drinking and whether the child is visiting the toilet before bed. 

What signs should you look out for?

Here are some signs you should look out for to determine when you should try removing night time nappies or pull-ups. 

  •  If your child is waking up with a dry pull-up for 2 consecutive days
  •  If you child is getting up to go to the toilet at night
  •  They are not wanting to wear a pull-up or night time nappy at night (although this one can be tricky work through if your child isn’t actually ready)

Once you have decided to try ditching night time nappies. Don't forget to get a Hygge Sheet to protect your bed of course. Our potty training sheets are a must have for ditching those night time nappies.

We hope this advice helps. 

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