Here are a few tips to consider if you plan to night-time potty train during the summer:

Assess readiness

Make sure your child shows signs of readiness for night-time training, such as waking up with a dry nappy / diaper or getting up for the toilet in the night


Establish a consistent bedtime routine that includes a trip to the bathroom before sleep. Encourage your child to empty their bladder fully before bedtime.

Limit fluid intake

Monitor and limit your child's fluid intake in the evening to reduce the chances of a full bladder during the night. However, ensure that they are adequately hydrated during the day.

Bedtime protection

Use waterproof mattress covers or protective sheets to guard against accidents. Please feel free to have a look at our range of potty training bed pads which can help you and your child.

Remember that night-time potty training can take time, and accidents may happen. It's essential to be patient, supportive, and consistent throughout the process.

Take Care

Catherine x

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