The recommendation for boys to sit down to wee before bed can be a preventive measure for bedwetting. Here are a few reasons why:

Complete bladder emptying

Sitting down to wee helps ensure that the bladder is fully emptied. This can reduce the chances of residual urine remaining in the bladder, which could potentially contribute to bedwetting during the night.


Sitting down to wee can help boys relax their pelvic floor muscles. If they are accustomed to standing while urinating, they may hold their pelvic floor muscles tightly, which can interfere with complete bladder emptying. Relaxing these muscles can facilitate better bladder control during sleep.

Habit formation

Encouraging boys to sit down to wee before bed can help establish a consistent routine and habit. Routine toileting habits, including sitting down to wee, can contribute to better bladder control and potentially reduce the occurrence of bedwetting

Take Care 

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